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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ValentinesDay - advice for women

As you probably know, men either love or hate Valentines Day. Think about how much pressure they must feel to meet our expectations! At the end of the day, is it really about the cost of something? I'm a woman and I think not.

I just posted Valentines Day - how to make her happy without breaking the bank for the men. I told them a bit about my experience with what women really want.

To be fair and balanced (as I always try to be when working with couples) I want to share with you some advice about your man - and Valentines Day:

* Lower the bar - society and the media has put so much emphasis on the gift giving and money spending aspect of Valentines Day that many of our poor men are just plain stressed out by it all. Remind yourself of what the holiday is really about. Any acts of thoughtfulness deserve big points.

* Do something for him - the focus is more often on what men should be doing for women. How about surprise your guy with something thoughtful. The more creative the better. Like I told the men, it doesn't need to break the bank!

At the end of the day, Valentines Day is a day to show appreciation to the special person in your life. I think we can all benefit from a redefinition of what that means.

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