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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Chemistry

Romance is all about chemistry, right? Valentine's Day is February 14th, so you've still got time to find a great gift for your sweetie and impress him or her with your holiday knowledge. Here's some Valentine's Day chemistry content to help you out:
  • Vanishing Valentine Demo - Make a chemical solution go from blue to pink to clear.
  • Hot and Cold Valentine - A chemical solution goes from colorless to hot pink!
  • Crystal Heart - Grow a crystal heart as a decoration or gift.
  • Gallium Beating Heart - It's like the mercury beating heart chemistry demo, except it's not toxic!
  • How Mood Rings Work - Can a mood ring tell if you're feeling passion?
  • Gifts Science Geeks Can Make - Hint: fizzy baths bombs tend to be a better gift for this particular holiday than glow-in-the-dark slime. Of course, colored fire is good for every holiday...
  • Is There really a 'Chemistry of Love'? - If you don't know the answer, then this FAQ is for you.
  • Make Colored Flowers - Flowers are a traditional Valentine's Day gift. You can color your flowers for your Valentine yourself.
  • Make a Floral Preservative - Keep your Valentine's Day flowers beautiful longer. Actually, there are many easy recipes for making cut flower preservative.
  • Paper Chromatography with Flower Petals - Unless you're giving silk flowers, they won't last forever, even if you use a floral preservative. If your Valentine is into chemistry, then include instructions for how to separate out plant pigments with your roses in addition to a sweet card.
  • Make Perfume - Perfume is a romantic gift. If you apply your command of chemistry, you can make a signature scent, which is a personal and meaningful gift.
  • Jacobson's Organ & the Sixth Sense - Do humans respond to pheromones?
  • Chemistry of Diamond - Learn about the properties of this popular gift choice.
  • Grow a Silver Crystal - Are you up for a challenge? A silver crystal dangling from a silver chain is a thing of beauty. It takes some time and skill to grow a large crystal, so if this is something that interests you, start growing your crystal early.
  • Jewelry Chemistry - Learn about crystals, gems, and precious metals.
  • Theobromine Chemistry - Chocolate is the 'food of the gods' (and well-liked by Valentine goddesses, too).

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