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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Taking Care of Our Pets in Tough Economic Times

News of tough economic times is everywhere, every day. People are spending less on themselves and on their pets. What have you sacrificed in terms of pet food or pet care? See how others are coping, and learn some money-saving tips to use at the food store and the veterinary office.

. Ways to Save Money on Pet Care and Vet Bills

 Pets not only require our time and attention, they require our money, too. Food, vaccinations, and veterinary medical care all add up. In today's tough economy, people are rethinking their personal expenses and cutting the budget where they can. Here are some tips to keep your pet in good health while saving money.

2. Pet Supplies and Food: Save Money with eCoupons

My mom is a coupon clipper. I try to be, but inevitably lose the little paper coupon before I even get to the store. Internet coupons are different though. You can use then online with just a couple mouse-clicks or print them out on my printer. It must be that full size paper that I also use as my list, because I rarely lose these "online" coupons, and have saved quite a bit of money on pet food using them.

3. Pet Heath Insurance - Is It Worth It?

Insurance for pets has been available for 20-plus years, but for most pet owners, the concept of pet health insurance is still relatively new. The variety of coverage plans, while encouraging, are often viewed with confusion and even suspicion as far as actually reducing the costs of pet care. Here are some perspectives from the viewers of this site and their experiences with pet health insurance.

4. Compare Pet Health Insurance and Wellness Plans

This is a growing series interviews with pet health insurance companies. The interview consists of the same 10-questions. Each insurance company participant answers the same questions so viewers can directly compare what is available and what may be best for their pet and lifestyle.

5. Does Your Pet Have Health Insurance?

People are curious about pet health insurance, but cautious about signing up. Do you have pet insurance for your pet(s)? Vote in the poll and add in your experiences in the comments section.

6. My pet is sick, and I can't afford to go to the vet

To some people, it is obvious that if times are tough financially, it is not the best time to adopt or buy a pet. The old adage seems to be: if you can't afford a pet (or pets) don't have them! However, as most pet lovers know, it isn't always that simple. Here are some tips to prepare for emergencies and unexpected costs, as well as ideas for helping pay for emergencies when they do occur.

7. Vaccinating Pets at Home: A Good Idea?

In today's economy, everyone is looking for ways to save money whenever possible, which is completely understandable. As far as untrained pet owners giving vaccinations at home after reading a how-to pamphlet, you can probably bet that my answer to this question is a "no." Here's why.

8. Are Pets Too Expensive?

In today's tough economy, people are rethinking where they shop, what they eat, and what car they drive. What about our pets? Costs for pet health care, food and other supplies has risen just as human health care and food costs have. Do you think that pet's are too expensive? A luxury item? Cast your vote in the poll and add your thoughts in the comments section.

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