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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Grow Glowing Crystals

It's as easy to grow glowing crystals as it is normal crystals. You have a few options:
  1. Add glowing craft paint or glue to the crystal solution. The crystals may or may not incorporate the chemical into their matrix, but when you pull the crystals out of the solution, some of the glowing chemical will remain on the exterior, causing your crystals to glow.
  2. Make regular clear crystals appear to glow by growing them on a glowing base or substrate. For example, you can make a glowing crystal geode by painting the inside of an eggshell or plaster mold with glowing paint and growing clear or pale-colored crystals inside the glowing base.
  3. Make crystals that glow when exposed to black light by mixing yellow highlighter ink into the crystal growing solution. These crystals will glow under ultraviolet (black) light. Also, regular glowing crystals will glow more brightly under black light. Some natural crystals glow under ultraviolet light, without adding any chemicals.

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