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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

BCS finishes with perhaps best championship yet

This may have been the best game yet, and now we have to say goodbye.
It’s been fun and controversial and maddening and wrong, but Monday night was so very right.
There were three lead changes in the fourth quarter bewteen Florida State and Auburn to provide an overabundance of drama.
It was a heart-stopping, show-stopping, heck of a way to end the Bowl Championship Series era.
Who would’ve thought we’d be left wanting anything more from the BCS other than kicking it on its way out the door?
This was the perfect ending to a tumultous era.
Florida State rallied from an 18-point, first-half deficit beat Auburn 34-31 and remain undefeated.
Hesiman Trophy winner Jamies Winston went from hot mess to hero, engineering his two-minute offense for the winning 2-yard touchdown pass to Kelvin Benjamin with 13 seconds left.
The Seminoles had 79 seconds left on the clock to start that drive.
Winston finally delivered after he’d fumbled and stumbled and crumbled under the pressure of Auburn’s fast and physical defense earlier.

“I was ready,” Winston said. “I wanted to be in that situation. That’s what great quarterbacks do.”
Florida State is the last BCS national championship winner, the final one played out here in the most dramatic season yet.
An ending like this was beyond expectation.
This game rivals the Texas-USC thriller in 2005 that ended with Longhorns quarterback Vince Young running for a touchdown with 19 seconds left to leave the Trojans devastated.
Auburn had two plays left to pull out another miracle — as it did in its SEC championship win over Alabama with the return of a missed field goal for a touchdown as time expired — but it wouldn’t happen this time.
It was a thrilling win for the BCS as we head to the College Football Playoff system next season.
Sounds so boring after the BCS.

Long after the game was over, Seminoles fans were doing their tomahawk chop. The band was running around the field. No one wanted to leave.
Band members and fans and players will be re-enacting that fourth-down fake punt in the second quarter — the one that got Florida State back in the game and led to a score — forever.
Or Levonte Whitfield’s 100-yard kickoff return for a touchdown with 4:31 left to give Florida State a short-lived 27-24 lead.
It was the final BCS and with an end like that, who can blame them?
“We’re here to win this thing. We weren’t just here to show up and play well,” Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher said. ``I thought we had to gain the monentum back. It worked. We got it. Went down. Got the drive. Got back in the ballgame.”
Florida State had to pull out a bunch of tricks. Before the final Seminoles touchdown, Auburn had just scored on a 37-yard run by running back Tre Mason to give the Tigers a 31-27 lead with 1:19 left. He broke one tackle and was gone, scoring on his feet.

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