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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Senior Moments: Cleaning up the new year

I’m not going to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do,” I said to my husband, in a slightly exasperated tone.
“Why not?” he asked. “Don’t you love me anymore?”
All right. After 27 years, perhaps there is a slight tendency on some people’s parts (and, yes, I might be one of these people) to sometimes gently suggest to a partner a better or more efficient way to do something. Like actually putting the new toilet paper roll in the holder rather than balancing it on top of the empty one, thereby turning it into a moving target for the next user.
And where is the harm if I like my pancakes silver-dollar-sized and request that he use a teaspoon rather than a tablespoon when making mine? Or asking the king of fluffy waffles (from scratch) to confine the flour to the bowl and not the floor?

And this brings me to perhaps the most annoying bugaboo — and I did not pick that term randomly — the crumbs in the drawer scenario. George finds it very handy to leave the kitchen drawers open whether he is cooking (which he does often and well), or just buttering a piece of toast.
So, not only are there crumbs in the silverware drawer, last night I found a visitor! Hence, the term bugaboo. And, yes, George says that crickets need to eat too. Fine, just not in my cupboards!
You might argue that this is no big deal since certainly he is a good husband in so many other ways. But then you wouldn’t be the one who has to clean the crumbs from the drawer. Or chase the visitor.
So as not to disappoint George, who likes to say he is sitting around waiting for me to tell him what to do, here’s a suggestion. Actually let’s take it one step further. Here’s a New Year’s resolution. If you crumb it up, clean it up!
All right readers, what are your bugaboos with your mate? Send me your stories. Let’s clean up the new year together.

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