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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Ultimate Chemistry Kit

You know those cool toys you wanted as a kid, but didn't get? A chemistry kit falls into this category for me. Oh, I have picked up several small, specialized kits, for slime and crystals and volcanoes, but never the classic test tube, beakers, and blowing-up-the-kitchen-with-chemicals sort of kit. Why? Well, for one, we all know I'm perfectly capable of causing mayhem without an actual kit. Then there is the expense. Have you priced chemistry kits? They are cheaper than picking up glassware and chemicals separately, but not low-budget. Finally, most modern chemistry kits lack... well... chemicals.
I wanted a set that lets you mix the contents of test tubes. I wanted a burner. I wanted color changes. I wanted all the wonder and discovery of the old chemistry kits. So, I ordered the ultimate Kosmos & Thames kit. Now, all their sets feature real chemicals, real lab equipment, and real chemistry. So, you can try tons of experiments with any of the smaller kits. The advantage of the Chem 3000 kit is that you can use it to teach yourself chemistry or for an approved lab component of a high school home school program. You won't find mercury or xylene or other environmentally horrible stuff, but really, you won't miss it... Learn more

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